Michele Moser Deegan Teaching and Student Engagement

Teaching and Student Engagement

Photo Credit: William Keller

My courses and collaborations with students seek to simultaneously cultivate  their intellectual curiosity and their civic responsibility.  Where possible, I  incorporate community-based research and service learning into course assignments in order to develop students’ research and  critical reasoning skills. CAMP program participants at William Allen High School focusing on the college application process.

The Lehigh Valley Research Consortium and College Admissions Mentoring Programs are two entities, co-created with colleagues from neighboring higher education institutions, that consciously engage college students in their community.

Lehigh Valley Research Consortium

The LVRC provides undergraduate and graduate students the chance for hands-on research experience in ongoing studies studies and enhances opportunities for both interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration. LVRC serves as a connection point among faculty members of multiple institutions that may share similar research interests with no vehicles for collaboration on local projects. University participation in local issues also creates possibilities for community members to build relations with faculty and participate in LVRC events held on local college campuses, while also providing opportunities for academics to get involved in community agencies and events. https://lvaic.org/for-faculty/lehigh-valley-research-consortium/

College Admissions Mentoring Program

Originally conceived as a year long program connecting William Allen High School students with students from 3 LVAIC institutions (Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, and Muhlenberg College), CAMP creates a space for students to  explore college options, identify career and educational interests, complete the college admission process, and identify and prepare scholarship and financial aid applications. In its current iteration, I have integrated CAMP into a course that examines public policies and the opportunity gap.  Each week, in addition to course content that critically examines the causes of the opportunity gap and our political system, students meet with high school students to provide one on one, small group, and peer support.   https://www.muhlenberg.edu/news/2019/apowerfulpartnership/

Courses Taught

Inequality and Public Policy

Research Methods in Political Science

Introduction to American National Government

The Politics of Poverty and the Opportunity Gap

Public Administration

First Year Seminar

Political Science Culminating Undergraduate Experience