Lehigh Valley Focused Research

The Lehigh Valley, located in eastern Pennsylvania, is an excellent place to study mid-sized metropolitan regions.  My research examines governmental systems, community perceptions about existing policies, and general quality of life concerns.

Much of my community based research is undertaken on behalf of the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, which engages faculty from area colleges and universities in cross-institutional, interdisciplinary research.  As Founding Director of the LVRC, I helped to create a regional resource for residents seeking an understanding of our region across multiple disciplines and perspectives.

-Upside Allentown: Quality of Life Survey Results, 2017  Upside Allentown Quality of Life Survey Results, 2017

-Problem Gambling Needs Assessment for Northampton County, PA, 2015

-Housing in the Lehigh Valley: A Community Survey, 2014

-Justice for All, Challenging Wealth Disparity in the Lehigh Valley, 2014

-STEM Outcomes for Lehigh Valley Students, 2014

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-State of the Lehigh Valley 2015-2016

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2015-2014

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2013-2014

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2012

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2011

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2010

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2009

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2008

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