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Education Research

William Allen High School students tour area colleges during CAMP program.

My research emphasis in education policy derives from my interests in inequality of inputs and outcomes. My areas of focus include school finance equity, charter schools and Lehigh Valley school systems.  I also engage in institutional effectiveness research in my role as Dean of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness.

Institutional Effectiveness Research:

-Student engagement in experiential learning opportunities: identifying barriers and solutions for participation, for the American Talent Initiative TRP, May 2023, co-authored with Regina Lau, ’23; Jake Ghamar, ’23.

Advancing Student Success through Academic Equity Topical Research Projects

Public School Finance:

-A Model for School-level Resource Reporting: Benefits and Challenges, Public Performance and Management Review. September 2011, Volume 35, Number 1:29-53.

-What Goes Into the Recipe for Success?  Results of a Study of New Jersey’s High Performing School Districts, 2008.  Prepared for the New Jersey Education Law Center.

-The Equality of Public School District Funding in the U.S.: A National Status Report,” Public Administration Review, January/February 2002, Volume 62, Number 1: 63-72.

-Distribution of Public Education Funding in Georgia: Equity from a National Perspective, 1999 Fiscal Research Program, Georgia State University, FRP Report No. 32, 1999.

-School policy: school finance,” Journal of Management History, Winter 1999, Volume 5, Number 4: 165-179.

-School-Based Budgeting: Increasing Influence and Information at the School-Level in Rochester, New York,” Journal of Education Finance, 1998, Volume 23, Number 4: 507-531.

“Equity and Efficiency in Public Elementary and Secondary Education: 30 Years of History,” in Stuart S. Nagel (Ed.) Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management, 1998, Volume 9:151-165. Stamford, CN: JAI Press.

The Coming Age of School-Level Finance Data,” Journal of Education Finance, Spring 1997, Volume 22, Number 3:246-254.

Charter Schools:

-Privatization, Politics, and Urban Services: The Political Behavior of Charter Schools,” Journal of Urban Affairs, 2003,  Volume 25, Number 1: 37-54.

-Creaming Versus Cropping: Charter School Enrollment Practices in Response to Market Incentives,” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Summer 2002, Volume 24, Number 2: 145-158.

-Growing Pains: An Evaluation of Charter Schools in the District of Columbia, 1999-2000,  2001. The Center for Washington Area Studies, The George Washington University.

-Making a Choice, Making a Difference? An Evaluation of Charter Schools in the District of Columbia, 1999.   The Center for Washington Area Studies, The George Washington University.

Lehigh Valley Studies:

-STEM Outcomes for Lehigh Valley Students, for the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium, 2014   http://hdl.handle.net/10718/3040

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2010   http://hdl.handle.net/10718/3025

-The Status of Latino/Hispanic Public School Students in the Lehigh Valley, 2009.  http://hdl.handle.net/10718/3038

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2009   http://hdl.handle.net/10718/3024

-State of the Lehigh Valley 2008    http://hdl.handle.net/10718/3023